Grades 10-12 / Tuesday / A World Without Abortion

    Lesson Plans for Abortion (2019)

    A World Without Abortion

    What would be necessary for abortion to be unthinkable? A world without abortion would see every baby as a gift. Every child would be taken care of. If a family is struggling, neighbors and family members would step in and help them. Families who can’t have their own children would adopt babies and kids in foster care. Mothers and fathers would have paid parental leave. Financially struggling parents would be directed to resources. This is a world that sees children as a gift and takes care of them. This is what it means to build up a culture of life.


Service Projects

40 Days for Life

Join in prayer outside of an abortion facility for an end to abortion.
Contact: Visit the site to find a location near you.


Abortion is bad for society, bad for women, and ends a human life - Link

3-minute video with a positive message of hope and action.

Dear Pregnant Student - Link

4-minute video Loyola Students for Life outline help for students pregnant on campus.

Amanda Barrera’s Story - Link

3.5-minute video Amanda realized she was pregnant and had a tough choice to make

PRO-LIFE REPLIES: "I'm Personally Pro Life, BUT... - Link

3.5 minute video Lila Rose teaches logical consistency

Conceived in Rape, Writer Extols Her Mother’s Courage - Link

Woman gives thanks to her mother for choosing life

9 ways to make sure you are pro-life - Link

Simple things to do when you are pro-life

Fetal Development - Link

Quick and easy reference guide

Abortion and the UN Human Rights Project - Link

Indifference to prenatal human life exported around the world

The Kansas Supreme Court Has Declared a “Natural Right” to Abortion - Link

Current legislative effort to declare that there is no “fundamental right to abortion”

Paid Maternity Leave - Link

2-minute Buzzfeed video about the need for paid maternity leave in the US.

My Church Kicked Me Out - Link

Abby Johnson's story forces us to reevaluate our mercy and hospitality

People make difficult decisions in life. - Link

A unique perspective on making the difficult decision to continue a pregnancy.

My Generation Will End Abortion​ - Link

6-minute video outlining major milestones in the abortion debate over the last 40 years.

The Magical Birth Canal - Link

1-minute video about how we get our Human Rights. (Funny)

Statement on the New York State abortion law of 2019 - Link

Evangelicals and Catholics unite to refute the 2019

Pro-life Pregnancy Resources​ - Link

Can be found easily throughout Southern California

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