Grades 10-12 / Friday / Made in God’s Likeness

    Lesson Plans for Disability (2019)

    Made in God’s Likeness

    Students will learn to recognize the beauty and dignity of human life in each person, even those people who have different abilities or special needs. Students will recognize their own needs and vulnerabilities and will develop greater understanding and recognition of the wide variety of gifts God has given to each of his children.


Service Projects

Best Day Foundation

Join kids with special needs for a great day at the beach
Contact: [email protected]


Yes I Can! - Link

3-minute Paralympics 2016 video

Lizzy Velasquez - Link

13-minute TEDx talk by the woman labeled "the ugliest woman in the world"

My Name is Deformed - Link

6-minute video explains how a simple surgery can change lives and identities

Carly's Cafe: An Experience with Autism - Link

2-minute video offers a glimpse of life with autism

Don't Be Awkward: How to Interact with People with Disabilities - Link

3.5-minute video offers practical tips to be kind toward people with disabilities

The Butterfly Circus - Link

23-minute short film starring Eduardo Verastegui and Nick Vujicic

Karen Gaffney - Link

14.5-minute TEDx talk by a world-class swimmer with Down Syndrome

The Dignity of Disabled Lives - Link

Community overcomes being perceived as different

Guidelines for Referring to People with Disabilities - Link

Helps us use language that affirms human dignity

Dyslexia Experience - Link

Website offers students an opportunity to see what it is like to read with dyslexia

Learn what it is like to have ADHD - Link

Website uses the Stroop Effect

We Are Beautiful - Link

1.5-minute video about conjoined twins who know they are beautiful

Amazing High School Gymnast 2-minute video - Link

With just 1 leg, she competes in regular competitions

Gabe Adams - Link

5-minute video of a remarkable young man born without arms or legs

Paul Smith - Link

4.5-minute video of an elderly man who doesn't let his cerebral palsy stop him

Happy - Link

4-minute video for World Down Syndrome Day

For Parents

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