Grades 10-12 / Monday / Mercy Trumps Polarization

    Lesson Plans for Polarization (2019)

    Mercy Trumps Polarization

    Our world is often confused by what true mercy looks like. Pope Francis calls us to a culture of encounter, to recognize the dignity in the person in front of us. This encounter leads us to action on their behalf by serving others through works of mercy. In so doing, our hearts change, and we learn to be merciful as our Heavenly Father is merciful. This year, bringing our faith into difficult conversations is more important than ever. Mass shootings, deportations and increased threats against our immigrant communities, aggressive abortion expansion, and renewed federal death penalty are just a few of the topics in the news that each of us is struggling to understand in light of our faith.


Service Projects

Meals on Wheels

Help prepare or deliver meals to elderly and disabled clients.
Contact: Visit the site to find a location near you.


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