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    Lesson Plans for Death Penalty (2019)

    Solutions to Crime and Conflict

    The prison system in America is characterized by its emphasis on punishment and retribution. But the Church rightly recognizes that mere punishment is not justice. In particular, long unfair sentences, solitary confinement, and the death penalty can be used in vengeful ways rather than helping the offender to correct the wrong done. Just this year, Pope Francis declared the death penalty “inadmissible in all circumstances”. Restorative justice emphasizes repentance, repairing the harm done. It allows for victims and families to forgive the offender and allows the offender to seek that forgiveness.


Service Projects

Get On the Bus

Support children and families visiting loved ones in prison.
Contact: [email protected]


The Death Penalty is Always Inadmissible - Link

Archbishop Gomez reminds us that no one ever loses human dignity

Inside Juvenile Prison - Link

6.5-minute video interviews an inmate in juvenile prison and provides a look into his life

The Power of Forgiveness: Restorative Justice - Link

4.5-minute video shares the story of one woman who has found forgiveness.

Homeboy Industries: A Turning Point - Link

25-minute short documentary of the program that assists formerly gang-involved youth.​

Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2019 - Link

Current statistics of who is in prison and why

The Norwegian Prison where Inmates are Treated Like People - Link

Bastoy prison island village where inmates learn work and life skills

Article from Angelus News - Link

Bishop O’Connell visits Folsom Prison​ with families of the incarcerated through the Get on the Bus program

Catholic Social Teaching and the Death Penalty - Link

Overview of the teaching on human dignity

Catholic Teaching and Restorative Justice - Link

A guide for living as a people of justice and mercy

Families of Murder Victims Speak Out​ - Link

Article shares the stories of families who have been victimized and their response to tragedy. Seeking retribution or sowing mercy are often not disconnected and can be difficult.

Death Sentences and Executions 2018 - Link

Provides international information from Amnesty International

The Cruel Cost of Solitary Confinement​ - Link

Describes the physical and mental toll caused by solitary confinement.

Effects of Solitary Confinement - Link

4-minute video Inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison discuss effects of long-term solitary confinement.

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