Grades 7-9 / Thursday / Preferential Option for the Poor


    Lesson Plans for Poverty (2019)

    Preferential Option for the Poor

    Students will be encouraged to explore the meaning of poverty here in the United States as well as around the world. What does poverty look like? What happens when people don’t have enough to eat or a home to sleep? How can we help? Why is help for the poor central to Jesus’ message?


Service Projects

The Dream Center

Adopt-A-Block program feeds the hungry, serves the homeless, or helps families.
Contact: adoptablock[email protected]


Catholic Social Teaching 101: Option for the Poor and Vulnerable - Link

4.5-minute video introduction to Christianity’s care for the poor

Tour Poverty USA - Link

4-minute video explores what it is like to live at the poverty line

Fatima’s Story - Link

Mary’s Meals Stories (3-4 mins)​

Shazia’s Story - Link

Mary’s Meals Stories (3-4 mins)​

Tony’s Story - Link

Mary’s Meals Stories (3-4 mins)​

Spent - Link

Interactive game for learning to budget

Poor Kids - Link

Follows several families living in serious poverty in the US.

7 Rules for Talking to Homeless - Link

People helps students feel comfortable saying hello or offering help

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