Grades 7-9 / Wednesday / Restorative Justice


    Lesson Plans for Death Penalty (2019)

    Restorative Justice

    Students will learn about incarceration, the death penalty, and restorative justice. They will learn about the difference between punitive prison time and restorative justice and be challenged to view those in prison through the lens of the dignity of the human person.


Service Projects

St. Francis Center

Students serve food, organize donations, and offer assistance to people in need.
Contact: [email protected]


Pope Francis‚Äč speaks to leaders working to end the death penalty - Link

4-minute video

Inside Juvenile Prison - Link

6.5 minute video interviews an inmate in juvenile prison and provides a look into his life

Letter - Link

Pope Francis writes letter to incarcerated juvenile

Effects of Solitary Confinement - Link

(4 minute video) Inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison discuss the detrimental effects of long-term solitary confinement.

Death Penalty in America - Link

1.5 minute video provides statistics on the use of the death penalty in the US

Prison Population in the US - Link


Ending the death penalty - Link

Infographic on keys and challenges to end the death penalty in America

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