Grades 10 - 12 / Tuesday / Abortion


    Lesson Plans for Abortion

    Grades 10-12 Student Handout

    Today, with ultrasound and high definition images of unborn babies, it is hard to understand how people can still make the choice for abortion. Students will reflect on both sides of the issue and learn what is involved in the decision.


    Questions for Discussion:

    • What is the true power of sex?

    • Why is sex separated from pregnancy and children in our culture? Who benefits from encouraging that separation?

    • With all of the public evidence that abortion directly kills unborn children, why do people continue to choose abortion or participate in abortion? What is the greater good that they appeal to that makes them feel abortion is acceptable?

    • Is it possible to come up with a logical argument for giving pregnant women the absolute right to determine whether an unborn person lives or dies? Why or why not?

    • Are there any instances of living humans whose lives should not be protected? Are there any lives that are not as valuable as others’? What about people in a coma? With a terminal disease? On death row? Who have committed serious crimes?

    • Can we build a society that supports women and their children so that women will not want to choose abortion? What would that look like?


Catholic Social Teaching 101: Life and Dignity of the Human Person - Link

3.5 min video provides overview of the Catholic position on life issues

Pro-Life - Link

4 min video. Chris Stefanick provides perspective on this generation's commitment to being pro-life and overturning abortion.

Photography of human fetal development - Link

3 minute video uses photography of fertilization and growth of an embryo and fetus.

I am Human, I have a right to life - Link

Every human, no matter their circumstances, has value, and the right to life.

There is no equivalence - Link

Article by Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia discusses the foundational principle of the right to life and its place as the primary social justice issue.

Pro-Life Answers - Link

Comprehensive article against abortion from Abby Johnson.

When Does a Human Life Begin? - Link

6 min video provides the scientific case for the fact that life begins at conception.

People Make Difficult Decisions in Life - Link

Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood executive, offers a unique perspective and resources for making difficult choices for life.

What I Wish Women Knew About Plan B - Link

Becca shares about taking Plan B in college and only later understanding what it really meant.

What to Say To a Friend Considering Abortion - Link

Blog post offers practical advice for helping a friend who is considering an abortion.

I was Betrayed: My Abortion Story - Link

Blog post shares Marie’s story, and she explains how abortion and its supporters betray women.

Body Inside My Body - Link

Humorous 1 min video highlights the absurdity of the slogan “my body, my choice.”

The Magical Birth Canal - Link

Hilariousl 1 min video criticizes the idea that a baby only has human rights outside the womb.

Open Your Eyes. Pro-Life Feminists Are Everywhere. - Link

CNN article by Helen Alvaré cites the growing contributions by pro-life feminists in politics, academia and media

The Lazy Slander of the Pro-Life Cause - Link

Academic article shows evidence contrary to the idea that pro-lifers do not care about women.

Karen Gaffney, OneLife LA - Link

13 minute video of Karen Gaffney, a woman with Down Syndrome, an accomplished swimmer and president of a non-profit who knows that people with disabilities are “made for greater” and just as valuable as everyone else.

Abortion: From Controversy to Civility -- Talks at Google - Link

1 hour video. Stephanie Gray invites the audience to be "pro-conversation" on a topic that can be one of the most divisive, and demonstrates that it is possible to be gracious and respectful when encountering different ideas.

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