Grades 10 - 12 / Monday / Immigration


    Lesson Plans for Immigration

    Grades 10-12 Student Handout

    Students will learn that humans are meant for community, which means loving other people and treating them with respect both in theory and in reality. What does this look like in our culture? We explore the topic of immigration through the lens of building a Christian community.


    Questions for Discussion:

    • What is at the root of most social problems?

    • What is it about the way humans are made that make us better together?

    • How would you describe solidarity? Can you give an example of a time that you practiced solidarity with someone in need?

    • Why is our immigration system in the United States broken?

    • What are some of the most important issues of the immigration debate?

    • Choose one issue, one point of debate, and apply both justice and mercy principles. Which is most compelling? Do the rights of the state outweigh the needs of the individual/family? Or vice versa?

    • Good people can disagree on how to fix immigration in the U.S.. But, what is our moral obligation toward all people, whether we know them or they are strangers?

Service Projects

Help Immigrant Families in your Community!

There are many opportunities to help right in your neighborhood.


Be Unafraid - Link

2 min video. Stories of refugees and American citizens sharing their fears, their experiences and their journey toward hope.

Young Boy Seeks Refuge in Los Angeles - Link

5 min video shares the story of Adan, who suffered several failed attempts to reach the US before he finally made it to LA and was reunited with his mother.

Catholic Teaching on Welcoming Refugees - Link

2.5 minute video from Catholic Relief Services discussing global solidarity

The Catholic Vision of Just Immigration Reform - Link

This article puts the need for well-balanced immigration policies in the context of family separation at the border.

No More Mañanas - Link

In his column, Archbishop Gomez explains that improving our immigration system should be a bipartisan concern, and that our government has put off fixing it for too long.

Fences and Neighbors - Link

This article from the academic journal First Things attempts a theological understanding of borders, fences, and immigration.

The Church and Immigration - Link

8.5 min video.Fr. Mike Schmitz calls for us to use both our head and our heart in approaching the issue of immigration.

A New Story for a New America - Link

Archbishop Gomez explains that we need to rediscover our national purpose as Americans.

How Catholic is Your Stance on Immigration? - Link

This article asks us to think about our views on immigration and whether our prudential judgement on this moral issue is properly informed.

Immigration and the Catholic Church - Link

This 7 min video from the USCCB highlights the ways that the Church in American supports immigrants.

The Modern America -- America's Immigration History - Link

3.5 min video provides a historical overview of modern immigration law and a background to why our system is broken.

Citizen of Heaven: A Dreamer's Story - Link

One girl shares her story of coming to the US as a "Dreamer" and how everyone's first identity is as a citizen of heaven.

DACA Empowers One Woman to Dream: Meet Maria - Link

Maria shares her story, and how receiving legal status through DACA allowed her to make her dreams a reality.

My Dad: the Republican who's Hosting Muslim Refugees - Link

4 min video shares the story of a couple who welcomes a family of Muslim refugees and learned a lot about humanity in the process.

The Day I Cried at the Farmer's Market - Link

In this blog post, Christina Mead shares what she learned about the lack of water in the deserts on our southern border and our responsibility to do good for others.

Fr. Mike's Independence Day Special - Link

8 min video. Fr. Mike Schmitz explains that true freedom and patriotism requires virtue and responsibility.

New Beginnings: Meet Moyshana - Link

4 min video. One woman shares how encountering Moyshana, a Syrian refugee, made her realize that losing her luggage at the airport was a blessing.

Poland's Christian Migrants - Link

Poland has a different approach to immigration that most of Europe. Is it good or bad?

These Syrian Refugees Made it to Europe. But There Still Isn't an Answer to the Crisis. - Link

The Syrian refugee crisis is past its peak, but many refugees still face uncertainty.

Immigration Through the Lens of Faith - Link

Collected prayers for immigrants. Good for use in prayer service or petitions for Mass.

A Prayer for Immigrant Children - Link

Short prayer great for beginning class.

For Parents

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