Grades 10 - 12 / Loneliness


    Lesson Plans for Loneliness

    Grades 10-12 Student Handout

    Today, we are facing a crisis of loneliness. Study after study finds that roughly 40% of all Americans say they feel lonely or isolated. Students will explore their relationships with God and others and learn how they can build a culture of relationship.


    Questions for Discussion:

    • What are symptoms of loneliness? Is it possible to be lonely while simultaneously connected electronically?

    • As Christians, how do we approach solutions to suicide or violence differently than the rest of the culture? Is our approach effective? What would make it more effective?

    • Practically speaking, befriending someone may not reverse mental illness or deter them from making poor choices. So, what is the use of friendship?

    • Name three small steps and three larger (structural or procedural) steps that could be taken at your school to decrease loneliness and increase intentional relationship building?

Service Projects

Visit the elderly, feed the homeless, entertain children. Help someone who needs a friend!

There are many opportunities to help right in your neighborhood.


CST 101: Solidarity - Link

Learn why solidarity is an essential part of Catholic Social Teaching from Sr. Ruth Bolarte, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, and Sean Callahan.

How Catholics Can Help the Growing Mental Health Crisis - Link

This article explains that we need to approach those with anxiety and depression with compassion and understanding, not stigma, and that solving the mental health crisis requires both good science and the support of our faith.

Learning to be Alone - Link

6 min video. Fr Mike Schmitz discusses loneliness v being alone. How are we to be alone when we are made for relationship? How do we find love in a broken world?

The Loneliness Epidemic - Link

The former surgeon general explains that we are facing an epidemic of loneliness in this country and that it affects our physical health as well as our emotional health. He proposes some solutions - what do you think are the best options?

You're Worth Dying for Right Now - Link

2 min video. Fr Mike Schmitz reasserts that each and every person is loved so much by God that he or she is worth dying for right now. Excellent meditation on our meaning and purpose.

The Power of Family - Link

1.5 min video. Helen Alvare explains that being part of a family teaches us how to live one's life as a gift to another.

Can We Talk? - Link

The Biblical case for real conversations.

Dealing With Anxiety as a Catholic - Link

This blog post encourages young people experiencing signs of anxiety to seek help and support, and reassures them that things can get better.

Overwhelmed? - Link

6.5 min video. When you're overwhelmed, take things step by step, says Fr. Mike Schmitz.

Talking About Suicide - Link

8.5 min video. Fr. Mike Schmitz. If you know someone struggling with suicidal thoughts, don’t hesitate to reach out to them with reasons to have hope.

What You or Your Friends Need to Know About Suicidal Thoughts - Link

Leah Darrow's inspiring story and insightful advice for people experiencing suicidal thoughts and their friends.

I Jumped Off the Golden Gate Bridge - Link

2.5 min video. Kevin talks about his darkest day, working through mental illness and feeling as though his life was a burden. He shares his thoughts on his gift of life and hope!

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen? - Link

7.5 min video. Fr. Mike Schmitz talks about the difference between God making bad things happen and letting them happen and why that is important for us and our world.

The Cause of School Shootings: We're Missing the Mark - Link

Interesting article suggests that the cause of school shootings is disaffection over our culture's hypocrisy between how we know we ought to live and the selfish way we actually live.

Profile of a School Shooter - Link

While it does not provide any answers, this article shares the story of one boy who opened fire at his high school, and is great for starting a discussion on the causes of school shootings.

Hope in the Shock of Parkland - Link

The shooting in Parkland, FL this year shook the country to its core. In this blog post, Leah Murphy points out that the root of such tragedies is sin, and why Christina faith gives us hope.

Salt and Light - Link

1 min video shares the call of each of us to transform the world through Jesus' love into communities of love.

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