Grades 10-12 / Thursday / Marriage

    Lesson Plans for Marriage

    Grades 10-12 Student Handout

    Marriage numbers are decreasing around the world.  And, there is much confusion about the nature of marriage and why people even ought to get married.  Students will explore the benefits of marriage for individuals and society and learn how to have a successful marriage.


    Questions for Discussion:

    • What is the sociological purpose for the family in cultures? Upon what is family based?

    • What makes marriage sacramental?

    • Based on the evidence that children of married parents fare better socially, economically, and educationally, do you believe the state has a compelling interest in promoting marriage? Why or why not?

    • Is marriage external to our human condition or something that speaks to our human nature?

    • As you discern your vocation, why might you look forward to marriage?

Service Projects


Love is an ability. - Link

Love Isn’t just a feeling, but an ability, a skill. 4 min video with Fr Mike Schmitz

Why God Gave us Bodies - Link

Fr. Mike Schmitz gives an excellent summary of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. 10 min.

The Argument That Made Me Believe in Love - Link

Blog post shares how one girl learned that marriage and family can actually be great.

Men, Pursue Her! - Link

3 min video from Culture Project explains how to begin a dating relationship

The Sacrament of Marriage - Link

8 min video, Bishop Barron explains the beauty of marriage in its sacramental form.

Will I Ever Find the One? - Link

7 min video, Fr Mike Schmitz talks about destiny v. free will and figuring out who to marry.

Mastering Love and Relationships - Link

7 min video, Fr. Mike Schmitz discusses how trust is essential to any relationship, and it is built up in small, everyday moments.

What Does Virtue Have to Do With It? - Link

blog post shares specific examples of the role virtue plays in dating, courtship, and finding Mr or Miss Right.

What is Marriage? - Link

7 min video with Jason Evert talks through the theology of marriage with fun examples.

What is marriage? The hardest questions. Part 1 - Link

In this two-part video series, Ryan Anderson answers some of the toughest and most controversial questions about marriage. 21 minutes

What is marriage? The hardest questions. Part 2 - Link

In this two-part video series, Ryan Anderson answers some of the toughest and most controversial questions about marriage. 9 minutes

Paul and Maggie Kim's Wedding Day - Link

6 minute look at a beautiful, Catholic wedding that celebrates the sacrament and is super fun.

Call to Family, Community, and Participation - Link

4 min video, Excellent introduction to Catholic Social Teaching on community and the importance of family.

The Economics of Sex - Link

10 minute video overview of how the big business behind sex is leading people to make poor choices, give themselves way too little credit, and live unfulfilling lives while they get rich.

Is Chastity Boring? - Link

3.5 min video shares the freedom chaste living brings to your life.

The Culture of Netflix and Chill - Link

8.5 min video, Fr Mike Schmitz talks about the hook up culture and how to do better.

I want to be chaste ... now what? - Link

3 min video shares a personal take to living chastity

Why NOT to send that Sext - Link

3 min video encourages self respect from both women and men

Guarding your Life Against Lust - Link

7.5 min video, Matt Fradd offers four tried and true ways to combat lust.

Avoiding Impurity - Link

7 min video explains: We are not the victim of our passions. Making the right decisions ahead of time can help use avoid bad situations.

Why Do I End Up Feeling Used After a Hookup? - Link

Johnna shares her story about rediscovering why sex has its proper place in marriage. blogpost

Getting Real About Women's Health - Link

Our fertility isn’t a disease. This article points out that there are natural ways of monitoring reproductive health.

8 Practical Ways to Pursue Chastity While Dating - Link

Easy, common-sense ways to maintain chastity in a relationship. blogpost.

5 Lies Women Love to Believe - Link

You are valuable because God made you, and other truths women need to hear. blogpost.

Nature vs. the Pill - Link

Blog post shares the harms of the contraceptive pill.

Can Friendship Help Heal the Hookup Culture? - Link

Everyone needs friendship, not just sexual intimacy. article.

Sex is a Natural Desire - Link

4.5 minute video shares the goodness and rightness of sex as part of our human nature when used appropriately.

Sex is For Marriage - Link

5 minute video. The true meaning of sex in marriage reflecting the love between Christ and his Church.

Sex is Just Okay - Link

3 minute video. Sex is good but it is not the greatest good.

Discerning God's Plan for your Life - Link

7 min video about Sr Maris Stella and how she found her vocation to the religious life.

What’s My Vocation? - Link

6 min video. Fr. Mike Schmitz explains “vocation,” and how to determine yours.

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