Grades 4 - 6 / Tuesday / Abortion


    Lesson Plans for Abortion

    Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan

    It is natural to want the very best things for ourselves. But, the Gospel asks each of us to put the needs of others before our own. Students will explore generosity and selflessness in decisions large and small.


Service Projects

Help People in Need in Your Neighborhood

There are many opportunities to help right in your neighborhood.


A Companion to the Forgotten - Link

3 minute video shares the story of one man in India who feeds and cares for the forgotten and the ill, all in the name of human kindness and generosity.

Mama Hill's Help - Link

10 minute video about Milicent Hill, a woman from Watts, who taught for 40 years and, after losing thousands of her children to violent deaths, opened her home to any child who needs a place to stay off the streets.

Make-A-Wish Granted - Link

2.5 minute video shares the story of Natalie Marsh-Welton, a young girl with a serious condition who, instead of asking for a trip to Disneyland or her own adventure, used her Make-A-Wish opportunity to feed the homeless. How did she become so generous?

Team Hoyt - Link

4 minute video of Dick Hoyt and his son Rick who, together, have participated in countless marathons and triathlons to overcome disability and be a witness to the entire world of the love of family.

Best Commercial Ever - Link

3 minute video of a young man choosing to help others over anything else and the good that results in the world because of his selflessness. An insurance company commercial, but you won't know it until the end.

Kindness Boomerang - Link

5.5 minute video depicting the boomerang effect of kindness.

For Parents

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