Grades 4-6 / Thursday / Marriage

    Lesson Plans for Marriage

    Grades 4 - 6 Lesson Plan

    Students will be introduced to the topic of marriage and family as a social justice issue. Through stories and activities, they will look at the effects of marriage on individuals and the culture.


Service Projects


Wedding Feast at Cana - Link

3 min video depicts Jesus' first miracle at Cana.

What Does Marriage Mean? - Link

2 minute video allows kids answer the question of "what is marriage?"

How to Dad - Link

2 minute Cheerios commercial illustrating the great powers of dads and what they do for a family.

Real Strength - Link

1 minute Dove ad about the meaning of dads in the lives of their kids

The Unique Connection - Link

2 minute video shows the unbreakable connection between kids and their moms that transcends senses and cements the love between moms and their kids.

Being Mom - Link

5 minute video of a day in the life of a mom. Is one day a year enough to honor and thank moms for all they do for us?

For Parents

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