Grades 7 - 9 / Friday / Environment



    Lesson Plans for Environment

    Grades 7-9 Lesson Plan

    Overview: Pope Francis issued the encyclical Laudato si, the first written specifically on the environment. Students will receive an overview of main points of Laudato si and understand the connection between honoring the dignity of each person, serving the poor and vulnerable, and protecting our environment.



Care for God’s Creation - Link

3 minute video explaining why caring for the earth is fundamental to social justice.​

5 Reasons Catholics Should Care for Creation - Link

Provides a foundation for why Catholics take seriously care for God's creation as an expression of our faith.

Where does our trash go? - Link

8 min video from the New York Times tells the story of NY's attempt to recycle and repurpose trash and the educational steps they put in place to do so.

How long to decompose? - Link

Infographic shows how long different types of trash stick around in landfills.

Living Laudato si - Link

4 minute video provides overview of our involvement in climate change and ways to improve.

The prayers of Laudato si - Link

Prayers that can be used for Holy Hour, in-class prayer, or Mass intentions.

For Parents

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