Grades 7-9 / Thursday / Marriage


    Lesson Plans for Marriage

    Grades 7 - 9 Lesson Plan

    Marriage numbers are decreasing around the world. And, there is much confusion about the nature of marriage and why people even ought to get married. Students will explore the benefits of marriage for individuals and society and learn how to have a successful marriage.


Service Projects

Help foster kids find loving families!

Every child deserves a loving home. Right now over 30,000 kids in LA County are in foster care, looking for a forever home. You can help! 


What is Marriage? - Link

7 minute video from Jason Everett about what marriage is and why it is so great.

Marriage and Family - Link

3 minute video with Jackie and Bobby Angel, newlyweds, who share what they have learned about marriage and how they have grown in marriage.

Marriage and Baby - Link

4 minute video with Jackie and Bobby Angel, sharing the joy of parenthood and how they complement each other as husband and wife in marriage.

Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage - Link

4 minute video about the nature of marriage and why it is so important to individuals and the culture.

3 Queens - Link

2.5 minute video on motherhood. What do moms do for their families? Why do they do all of these things? What is the vocation of motherhood? Why is this specific to mothers?

The Importance of Fathers - Link

4.5 minute video from the cast of COURAGEOUS. Discussion of the role of fathers in their children's lives and what happens when fathers are absent.

For Parents

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