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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Welcome to the Diocese of Wichita’s Respect Life page for the Month of October during which we reaffirm our belief that every life is sacred from the moment of conception until natural death. As Christians, who believe in God as the giver of all life, human and divine, it is our duty to build a culture of and for life. All that we do, teach and proclaim must embrace this truth of the fundamental dignity of every person, regardless of age, health, race, and other physical, intellectual, emotional or social conditions.

The vision of the Diocese of Wichita is that all God’s children will become “fully alive” as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ.  To be “fully alive” then is dependent  on the foundation of physical life. For this reason, the Church is and has been in the forefront of the Pro-Life movement. This movement is designed to protect the lives of every human person, especially the unborn, the newborn and the most vulnerable of our society. Without this first of God’s gifts of human physical life, no one could ever hope to experience the spiritual quality of being “fully alive” in Christ as the crowning gift of God, a gift that is bestowed upon us whenever we encounter the Risen Jesus Christ through prayer, the Sacraments and living the life of faith.

Friends, I hope you will find the information on this website helpful and encouraging as you join with us in being completely pro-life, helping in any way you can to ensure that every life is protected because it is sacred and wanted, so that every person will truly become “fully alive” as the Lord desires, for he has come that we might have life and have it in abundance. (John 10:10).

God bless each of you!

Bishop Carl Kemme


Students will be introduced to a variety of social topics and asked to apply the principles of Catholic Social Teaching to determine the best course of action in each situation. Through age-appropriate stories and activities, they will be challenged to put their faith into action to grapple with today's most difficult issues.