Grades 10 -12 / Friday / Environment

    Lesson Plans for Environment

    Grades 10-12 Student Handout

    Overview: Pope Francis issued the encyclical Laudato si, the first written specifically on the environment. Students will receive an overview of main points of Laudato si and understand the connection between honoring the dignity of each person, serving the poor and vulnerable, and protecting our environment.


    Questions for Discussion:

    • What does Pope Francis say is at the basis of our current global climate crisis?

    • What suggestions does he give to fix this? Do you agree with his suggestions?

    • Is there evidence to support Pope Francis’ claim that overpopulation is not an ecological problem?

    • If you were asked to devise a plan for redistribution of goods to serve the world’s developing nations, what would you recommend?

    • How is personal morality a major component of the solution needed to overcome environmental degradation and our current crisis?

    • How has science created the current problem? What about economics? Politics?

    • Do you agree that a scientific (material) solution will never be sufficient? How does faith play a role in conversations about the environment?

    • What is one thing you personally can do to care for God’s creation?


Care for God’s Creation - Link

3 minute video explaining why caring for the earth is fundamental to social justice.

Pope Francis on Care for Creation - Link

Pope Francis reminds us that creation is a gift. 1.5 min video

Laudato si Q&A study guide - Link

Questions and answers for some common concerns about Pope Francis’ encyclical.

26 Key Quotes from Laudato si - Link

This article from ChurchPOP has 26 important quotes from Laudato si.

8 Quotes from Benedict XVI on the Environment - Link

Benedict XVI shows that respect for creation has always been a priority.

Catholic Climate Covenant - Link

Further resources for Laudato si and ways everyone can get involved.

Why Water Matters - Link

Infographic illustrates how lack of access to clean water is the basis of poverty.

Keep Your Promises: The Human Right to Water and Sanitation - Link

3 minute video overview shows the lack of access to clean water and sanitation around the world and here in the US.

22,000 Days Without Drinking Water - Link

Story and 4 minute video shares the story of a Bolivian community's struggle to find water and the impediments that keep them from thriving.

Dirty Water: So What? - Link

Lesson plan with activity and assessment for additional learning created by The Water Project.

Empowering the Girl Child - Link

Short video explains how providing clean water helps young girls receive an education in Africa .

Meet Florence Okomo - Link

Florence Okomo shares how a water well transformed life for her school.

The Navajo Water Access Project - Link

3.5 minute video tells the story of one community in the US that lacks clean water.

Resources for Holy Hour for Care for God’s Creation - Link

Components can also be used individually for classroom prayer or Mass petitions.

The Ancient Song Behind the Title of Laudato si - Link

The story of St. Francis’ song Canticle of the Sun, which inspired the title of Pope Francis’ encyclical.

St. Francis of Assisi - Link

Learn about the saint that inspired the title of Laudato si.

Prayer to Care for Our Common Home - Link

Prayer from the USCCB based on Laudato si.

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