Grades 4 - 6 / Monday / Immigration


    Lesson Plans for Immigration

    Grades 4-6 Lesson Plan

    Students will be introduced to the concept of a Christian community based on Gospel principles. ​ They will be introduced to stories of welcoming others and kindness to strangers as a direct outcome of lived faith.


Service Projects

Help Immigrant Families in Your Community!

There are many opportunities to help right in your neighborhood.


Parable of Jesus: Parable of the Good Samaritan - Link

5 minute video tells the story of the man left to die on the side of the road. A priest and a Levite, both leaders in the community, walk by leaving him for dead. But, a Samaritan man, despised by the Jews, picks him up and cares for him.

Fly Away Home - Link

8.5 minute digital story of the classic book about a boy and his father who are homeless and live in an airport. People overlook them and do not help. The family must decide to stick together or make choices that could separate them but be better in the long term.

The Millionaires Who Welcome People at Sea - Link

3 minute video shows an amazing family who came up with a creative solution to help immigrants who have been dying while trying to cross the ocean. What creative solutions can you come up with to help people who are new to your community and need extra help?

What are the Most Translated Words in the World? - Link

1 minute video about the words that unite cultures and individuals around the world.

What is a Friend? - Link

1 minute lighthearted video outlining the best qualities of a friend.

US City Name Word Search - Link

Activity illustrates the great diversity in America. As people immigrated to the US from other countries, they named cities after places or people or religious ideals that were important to them.

For Parents

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