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    Lesson Plans for Immigration

    Grades 7-9 Lesson Plan

    Students will learn that humans are meant for community, which means loving other people and treating them with respect both in theory and in reality. What does this look like in our culture? We explore the topic of immigration through the lens of building a Christian community.


Service Projects

Help Immigrant Families in Your Community!

There are many opportunities to help right in your neighborhood.


Catholic Social Teaching 101: Life and Dignity of the Human Person - Link

3.5 minute video from the US Bishops with interviews from Bishop Barron, Jonathan Reyes, and Helen Alvare. Fantastic introduction to understanding the dignity of every person and deciding what must be our personal response and global response to injustice.

Immigration and the Catholic Church - Link

7 min video discusses the history of immigration in the US and the Catholic Church's response.

Children on the Move - Link

5 minute video of young people from all over the world sharing their immigration stories of fleeing poverty and persecution to look for a better life elsewhere.

What Refugees Bring When They Run for Their Lives - Link

Article explores the daily life of refugees from the Middle East fleeing to Europe, discussing what they can carry with them and what is most important.

The Millionaires Who Welcome People at Sea - Link

3 minute video shows an amazing family who came up with a creative solution to help immigrants who have been dying while trying to cross the ocean. What creative solutions can you come up with to help people who are new to your community and need extra help?

8 year old launches campaign to help refugees - Link

2 minute video about an 8 year old girl who decides to do something large, in a small way, to help people she has never met. Great conversation starter about the responsibility of each of us to help people beyond our own communities and the strength of small acts.

What Would LA Be Like Without Immigrants? - Link

2 min video shows the role immigrants play in the daily life of Los Angeles.

Young Boy Seeks Refuge in Los Angeles - Link

5 min video shares the story of Adan, who suffered several failed attempts to reach the US before he finally made it to LA and was reunited with his mother.

For Parents

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